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New Website Design!

At RPM Group our passion is to bring people and properties together, helping every step of the way. And now, we’re pleased to announce a new online presence at, and in many ways a New Front Door to our company, that makes this process even easier.

Created by FLEX360, a subsidiary of Arkansas Business Publishing Group, we re-designed our website around the strength of our company’s most valuable asset – our People.

Design Goals

We modernized the site to minimize clickstreams and present users with simple, user-friendly access to the information that is most in demand. Highlights include:

Mobile-Friendly Interaction

The new site recognizes the size of your screen and automatically adjusts to accommodate computer, tablet, or phone devices. Also, for efficient data usage we suppressed the homepage video for mobile application.


From the top of the homepage you can access our website navigation to drive anywhere on the site. For a quick snapshot of office locations, contact information, and other frequent inquiries we use active links to navigate users directly down the homepage in one step.

Whether you scroll down, jump down, or access the site on a mobile device, you'll see an overview with narrative links and property databases promoting RPM Group's core operations: Commercial & Investment, Property Management, Residential Rentals, and Residential Sales.

For added convenience, we've included industry news, contact information, key navigational links, and certifications at the bottom of every page. This feature makes it simple to access popular information and is especially designed to cater to increasing mobile usage while remaining feature rich.

Search Engine Optimization

The entire site including narratives; the arrangement of information; the structure of headings and landing pages; and People and Property field depths, is built to strategically leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In other words, our ranking and prioritization in relevant web searches will increase dramatically and drive more traffic to the site.

Maintenance Service Requests

Maintenance service requests can now be automated with pre-formatted forms and online queues.

Long-term Vision

Going forward we’re committed to keeping content fresh and building on the value-added services we offer to clients across all operations. We will work to refine interactive tools such as tenant portals to pay rent online and obtain more robust and timely property information.

Meanwhile, we will continue to bring People and Properties together, helping every step of the way.